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The official website for New Jersey’s Courts is found at: http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us. The website is an excellent resource for lawyers and non-lawyers alike and contains a number of New Jersey practice forms for Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Chancery Practice, and Appellate Practice, information about the different courts, including contact information for the judges and their staff, case history and filing information, and current events in the legal community. The links below come from the Court Website and are only a sampling of what’s available.

Even though the information below is published by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts, it is not a substitute for the sound guidance of a licensed New Jersey attorney. The content on this site is offered only as a public service. It is not for the purpose of providing, and does not otherwise constitute, legal advice. This site is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney licensed or authorized to practice in New Jersey. The facts of each case vary and the subtleties involved–and how the Law applies to them–can easily be overlooked. Likewise and with few exceptions, there are time limitations for filing claims and responding to pleadings. You should always consult a suitably qualified, licensed attorney regarding any specific legal problem or matter.

(609) 601-8750